Hip Hop Kairos

Full Article: http://www.itineration.org/hiphopkairos

From the academic journal Itineration.


The discursive output of Hip Hop points to the representation and

form of identity of a highly popular and influential culture. While these

messages may not come through a traditionally studied medium in

rhetorical studies or containTruthin the Platonic or Confucian sense,

they serve as powerful and complex rhetorical avenues from which to

study issues of identity and race and their connections to social and

ideological philosophies and realities. This essay focuses on the kairotic

messages and communal truths that Hip Hop brings to light and the

intricate web of rhetoric, race, and identity it involves. The essay also

considers the ramifications of social and historical inequity and

racialization on the creation of discourse and, conversely, on the

ramifications of discourse on social and historical inequity and

racialization. The latter part of the essay focuses on specific historical

“racial projects” including the 1992 L.A. Riots, Hurricane Katrina, and the

presidencies of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Full Article: http://www.itineration.org/hiphopkairos

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