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Comprehensive Exam Essays



  • Literacy (Using Stasis Theory) Rhetorical Tradition. Click here for the PowerPoint on using stasis theory to develop a chapter on literacy from the perspective of scholarship in Rhetoric and Writing Studies.
  • Cleofas Calleros and Liberation Theology (Not found)
  • Hip Hop Rhetoric in Light of Ancient Rhetorical Historiography. Click here for a PowerPoint on Hip Hop and Ancient Rhetoric.
  • Black and Brown in Hip Hop: Tenuous-Solidarity. Click here for a PowerPoint on the “tenuous-solidarity” between Latinos and African Americans in Hip Hop.

My Dissertation on Hip Hop Rhetoric

(original and revised essays)

Hip Hop Rhetoric and Relandscaping the Rhetorical Tradition

Hip Hop and Religion: Gangsta Rap’s Christian Rhetoric