Students’ Work

Some of the Best Work Accomplished by My Students in Composition, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and American Literature

Public Writing Projects

Hope is Vital Project: Educating College Students about AIDS Prevention (Facebook Page)

Excellent Group Video by the Hope is Vital Group

Race and Racism – LaceAgainstRace.Webs.Com

Race and Racism Final Group Project (by Amy Luciano Santamaria)

Race and Racism Final Group Project (by Sheila Crawford)

Podcast Project

Food, Housing, Education and Gentrification (by Canealus Manning)

Literary Analysis

Josh Folchert Literary Analysis Paper

Business/Technical Writing: Group Advertising Projects (Business Websites)

Website:  Collection 9 Clothing Store

Website:   Chef Zam

Website: Unique U Custom Products

Website:!   Cookie Cutter

Budget (Excel): Budget for Blue Couch Lounge (takes 30 seconds to load)

Flyer: Cookie Cutter Flyer

Student Resume and E-Portfolio

Destiny Modeste: Destiny Modeste Resume + E-Portfolio

Job Search and Job Interview Tips (Prezi):


Consuelo Polk

Tyson Dao

Luis Puente

Juan Salas

Marai Williams

Susan Shields


Rap Music and Society [essays and websites]

Rap Music and Children

How Rap is Helpful and Harmful for Kids – Aidee Sierra

The Effects of Rap Music on Children – Shanta Claiborne

Kevin Lee -Rap Music and Society

Rappers and Social Responsibility [student website]

Rappers and Drug Culture [student website]

Blog Project (Literary Analysis)

Luan Ly

Joaquin Artigas

Rebecca Clesse

Karrie Mitchell

Amy Norwood

Syllabus Project for American Literature 1865-Present and World Literature

Aidee Sierra World Literature Syllabus

Elexis Evans World Literature Syllabus

Luan Ly Syllabus and Explanation

Matthew Bastible Syllabus and Explanation

Steven Geer Syllabus and Explanation

Amy Karimi Syllabus and Explanation

Poems and Other Creative Writing

Student Poem (Sestina) Who Am I by Yvonne Yanez

A Trip of Dying Embraces by Destiny Modeste

Passion by Nkza Campbell

The Traitor Within by Aaron Hall

Short-Answer Essays

How Video Games Impact Society – Sydney Szmuc} else {