Research & Critical Writing

English 1312- Research and Critical Writing                             Spring 2006-Tinajero

Sections: 25528 (MWF 7:30-8:20) &25533 (8:30-9:20)

Instructor: Robert Tinajero

Office: Burges 409

Office Phone: 747-8728 (e-mailing is best)

Office Hours: Wed. 2-4:30 (making an appointment is best)

e-mail: (make sure to inlcude name and section number in subject line)

Required Texts:

A Guide to First-Year Composition. 9th Edition [noted as “Guide…” in syllabus]

Lester, James D. Writing Research Papers. 11th Edition [noted as “Writing Research…” in syllabus]

Wood, Nancy. Perspectives on Argument. 4th Edition [noted as “PA” in syllabus]


Loose-leaf binder with plenty of loose-leaf paper.

[group work may later require materials such as  poster board and markers]

[save written work on disk/flashdrive/myspace so it won’t be lost]

Course Objectives:

Students will be expected to produce (1) a short paper of 4-5 pages (2) a longer research paper of 8-10 pages (3) an annotated bibliography (4) two group presentations (5) 2 quizzes and (6) a number of shorter writing assignment and in-class journal writings.  Students will also be expected to be active in class and group discussions.


It is very important that you attend each class period in order to participate in discussions, group activities and in-class assignments.  If you miss more than 5 classes you will be dropped. I make no distinction between excused and unexcused absences.  If you miss class you are responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments from fellow students. Being late or leaving early will count as half as absence.

Guidelines for Papers:

All papers must be double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch margins all the way around.  All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and are due in class.  Only hard copies (printed out) will be accepted.  Late papers will be deducted an entire letter grade/10 pints for each class period they are late.  Students are responsible for assignments regardless of whether they were present when work was assigned.  Some work may need to be posted on-line but I will explicitly tell you when that is.


Do not turn in someone else’s work and remember to cite everything that you get from an outside source. Suspected cases of plagiarism and/or academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students.


Quizzes (average of all)                                                                        10%

Short Paper                                                                                          15%

Group Work (2 presentations)                                                                10%

Shorter Writing/Analysis Assignments(average of all)                               15%

Annotated Bibliography                                                                           15%

Final Research Paper                                                                             25%

Professionalism Grade*                                                                           10%

*the professionalism grade takes into account attendance, tardiness, class participation, in-class assignments, journal writings and overall conduct

[there will be a few opportunities for some extra credit] – what’s the best antidepressant.

Weekly Semester Calendar:

Week of… 1/16            Hand out and discuss syllabus; Term Sheet; Class Intro.; Rhet/Comp;

Writing letters, e-mails and resume; Complaint letters

1/23                             [complaint letters and resume due] ; Ch. 1 (pp3-24) PA;

1/30                             Ch. 3 (pp62-80) PA; O’Reilly Essay; [Quiz over Ch. 1 &3]

2/6                               Ch. 4 (pp91-109); Ch. 5 (pp126-144); MLA Citation (pp367-371) PA;

Bring “Writing Research…”; Assign Short Paper

2/13                             [completed draft due]; peer reviewing **bring “Guide…”**; [final draft due]

2/20                             [Quiz game over Ch. 1, 3, 4, 5 and Term Sheet]; Ch. 7 (pp197-218) PA;

Begin group work on group advertisement/commercial

2/27                             Group work; [group presentation]; Begin fundraiser group work/research

3/6                               Fundraiser groupwork [finalize project/dates/logistics]

[individual request letter due for non-profit organization speaker (see3/20)]

3/13                             Spring break! Don’t drink too much!; Work on fundraising projects

3/20                             Non-profit speakers; vote for winning non-profit;

[short analysis of non-profit presentations due];

[1-2 page Project Plan due]

3/27                             Fundraising week [final planning and implenentation of fundraiser due]

4/3                               Hyperlink Martin Luther King’s “Paul’s Letter to American Christians” due;

Ch.14 (pp415-420) PA; Poetry as argument; assign poem; [argument poem due]

[Blog posting due to (don’t forget to put your name)]

4/10                             Ch. 12 (pp 344-364) PA; Ch. 11 (pp322-332) PA; (bring “Writing Research…”)

Discuss Annotated Bibliography (bring “Guide…”; Discuss Final Project

Begin group work on Final Project (Rap and Children); Begin Research

4/17                             [2 research articles due]; Discuss articles and issue of Rap and Children;

[short anaylsis of Rap articles due]

Continue group work; [Quiz over MLA Citation/Annot. Bib. and Term Sheet}

4/24                             Group work; finalize presentations; [single Annoted Source due per student]

5/1                               [Group Arguments/Presentations to Visitors due];

[Group Annotated Bibliography due]

5/8                               Final Paper Due with Annotated Bibliography at time and day of Final Exam

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