Romney Accepts Debate Trophy

Romney Accepts
Diamond-Encrusted Trophy for Winning First Debate

Winning election becomes
afterthought for Romney campaign


Governor Mitt Romney was
awarded the Tabor Academy High School Debate Team’s Debate Performance of the
Year award at tonight’s gala in Marion, Massachusetts.  The diamond-encrusted trophy, molded and
carved by underpaid workers from the Ivory Coast, was given to Mitt Romney
during a gala celebrating Romney’s outstanding performance against president
Obama in October.  “This victory is
symbolic of my victory in the Republican primaries and stands as the crowning
achievement of my run for the presidency”, said Romney.  “The past six years have led to this moment
and serves as a mandate from the American people for me to continue preparing
for debates and possible hand-to-hand combat.”

Reports from inside the
Romney mansion report that the trophy, worth $4.7 million dollars, was quickly stored
in a box in the Romney’s basement marked “Trinkets under $5 Mil.”The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.


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