Student Claims Dog Ate Cat Who Ate Flashdrive Containing Homework

Student Claims Dog Ate Cat Who Ate Flashdrive Containing Homework

At 9:29 a.m., on Thursday, February 9th, on the campus of the University of Texas-Austin, Gary McNeal, a sophomore Engineering major, claimed to his professor that the previous night his dog Max attacked and ate his live-in girlfriend’s cat, Sassy.  In an unexpected twist, Sassy had apparently eaten McNeal’s flashdrive which had found its way into the feline’s feeding bowl hours earlier.  This flashdrive contained McNeal’s physics homework.

Proffesor Sanchez’s initial response of “How does a cat eat a flashdrive?” was quickly met with a four-minute response from the prepared student who had just learned about counter-argumentation a semester earlier in his English II course.  McNeal explained how cats the size of Sassy are capable of eating things “like almost as big as a golf ball” then proceeded to show the instructor on his smartphone where he had, a week earlier, ordered a flashdrive the size of a babies tooth.

Showing no concern for Sassy’s health, Professor Sanchez pulled out the class syllabus and pointed to the No Bullshitting With Technology Clause on page two.


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