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My twitter username: TCCDEnglish


(1) create Twitter account at Twitter.com

(2) do a search for TCCDEnglish and click on “Follow”


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(1) click on the arrow at the top right and click on “Settings” (2) click on “Mobile” and follow the instructions; enter your phone number and click on Activate Phone

(3) you may be asked to send a text message to 40404 to verify your account (4) after your phone number has been verified… (5) go to your Twitter home page, click on “Following” then click on the little man/arrow next to TCCDEnglish and click on Turn on Mobile Notifications


English 1301 – Composition I

English 1302 – Composition II

To be added: Composition Studies history; “Where do English Departments Come From”; “Writing is not Just a Basic s
Skill”; Men’s Health article on Escape Plans; “Just Breathe Normally”; “The Aggressive Egg”; rhetoric and technology,
Public Writing info, etc.

English 2328 – American Literature (1865-Present)
Technical Writing}The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.


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