PhotoShop Collage

This project came out of an assignment in my Rhetoric and Technology course at UT-El Paso in Spring 2007.  This was the first time I had worked with Photoshop and while the collage is rather simplistic, I did not have these skills before the class began.  One of the important things I learned in doing this project was the angst that I felt, which reminded me of the angst that many of my composition students must be feeling in my course at times.  It made me step out of my comfort zone and jump into a project which I had to not only worry about content but using the technology that would allow me to present it.

Some of the skills I used/learned in Photoshop:

Cutting pieces of images from photo files and transplanting those on a scene (field with tree)

Add layers to the PhotoShop project

Drawing on PhotoShop

Add Text Box onto the image If you are still looking for your Zyvox at a lower price than on the most of the market, you’ve found it! buy Zyvox only for $9.39 right here!

The Collage:

Each face/head in the scene represent someone important in my life.  I am at the apex of the tree with my wife next to me.  Also on the tree are my two sisters and brother.   The roots of tree are my parents and Jesus.  In the background are some of my close friends (though some are missing).  The two figures in the sky, with wings, are Bono and Martin Luther King, Jr.  The tombstone to the left has a poem on it by my favorite poet, Rumi.   At the bottom are two quotations, one from Rumi and the other from a U2 song.  I made the text green so that it could blend in to the grass.  The yellow daisies were added in PhotoShop.

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