My Work at UNTD (for tenure)

Student Work

Advisor for four of my students at the 2019 UNTD Student Research Symposium. A Lyrical Content Analysis of Rap Music.

Student Course Work (Applied/Experiential Learning)

  • Please click here to see examples of student work from my courses which include Composition I and II, New Media Writing, Technical Writing, Literature, Rhetoric and Hip Hop, Rhetoric and Race/Racism, and Rhetoric and Society
  • The work includes Social Impact Projects, Research Papers, Podcasts, Blogs, Business Creation and Marketing, etc.


Student Quotations

As a student at UNTD, I had the opportunity to have Professor Tinajero as my New Media Writing instructor. His class was exciting from day one because it consisted of a variety of assignments that made me get out of my comfort zone. His class allowed me to collaborate with other talented classmates, as well as pushed me in the right direction to grow as a professional in my career. Thanks to his class, I was able to develop and publish my first website and polish my resume. Professor Tinajero has a unique way of teaching, he provides advice and feedback that is very helpful to his students. Overall, his class was fun and I enjoyed learning from him. I believe the way he makes himself available to his students in general, current or former, is what makes him an outstanding professor! -Estephania Garcia

It’s rare to find a professor who takes time to provide feedback on every assignment and pushes for improvement when he sees possibility. The assignments were all of value in that they invoked creativity, lack of fear, and are products of our creation that can now aid in our future endeavors. -Melodie Stairs-Clemetson

I just wanted to thank you for such a great class. I felt like this class has taught me so so much about different tools and resources. About blogs, portfolios, websites, podcasts, etc. It’s all so useful, and for that I wanted to thank you. -Miguel Cepeda

I’d like to take the chance to thank you for a great semester. I was never really into rap but after taking your class I learned that’s there’s a lot of diversity in rap and I’m a lot more likely to listen to it now and analyze the lyrics and learn about the rapper. I would also like to thank you for allowing me to participate in the research symposium. It might not have been a big deal but it was to me. -Stephania Gomez


Co-author: “An Examination of Pre-service Teachers…”


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Service: School and Community

Leading Training Session for Tutor Volunteers: 826 Dallas Project (UNTD June 2019)

Creative Work

Created Podcast in Spring 2019: Words, Words, Words: A Podcast on Rhetoric