i’ve been under many ceilings


i’ve been under many ceilings

seen, stared, glimpsed

the first

a new womb hospital room ceiling

sleeping somewhere in my memory

of bright lights

infused with life and new smells


the one above my first bed

tall strong

aged with scuffs, scrapes

and ant-size holes

remnants of pencil throwing

ice-cream fights

and tacks


my first dorm room

off-white peeling paint

possibly pregnant with asbestos


my first apartment

that mayonnaise, goose-bumply

mother to a rattling ceiling fan


cold unfamiliar ceilings

of hotel rooms

in just-here-for-the-weekend cities


ceilings of houses

not quite home

random ceilings

above random houses

of random people


dentist’s office and

one night stands

with floral prints that don’t

ease the uneasiness


but tonight

i slip off my socks

lay in bed

and remember

wood, tile, paint

vents, bugs, webs

and think


i have seen and slept under many ceilings

today i have decided

i want to see the rest

with you at my side


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