Plagiarism and Intellectual Property

Plagiarism is a serious offense in college.

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Intellectual Property: The writings and ideas that somebody owns.  If they write them then they own them.  If you use their writing or ideas, you must give them credit for it.
Citation: Telling the reader where you got the information from.
Plagiarism:  Taking/Using someone else’s writings or ideas without giving them credit
Paraphrasing: Taking someone else’s writing and putting it into your own words
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Quoting A Source Directly or Paraphrasing It:
You should use quotation marks around anything you quote directly from a source.
When you paraphrase something from a research source don’t use quotation marks but don’t forget that you still must cite the source.
Avoiding Internet Plagiarism
-understand what plagiarism is (stealing someone’s intellectual property)
-treat web sources as you would any source (that means cite your sources whether you paraphrase or quote directly)
-keep track of which words, phrases, or sentences you took from a source, using quotation marks when necessary
-avoid sites that are trying to sell you papers (do not turn in someone else’s paper; do not quote from one of these papers)


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