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“Everyday Racism” from TEDx – El Paso, TX

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Twitter @RobertTinajero

Tinajero chosen as a 2016 Emerging Scholar
Article: “Tinajero Chosen as a 2016 Emerging Scholar”

Blog Article on Dr. Tinajero's Talk "Why Studying LatinX Hip Hop Matters"

Blog Article on Dr. Tinajero’s Talk “Why Studying LatinX Hip Hop Matters”


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Hip Hop and Religion


My poem “Tacos” on NPR ↓

Tacos NPR Image

My Prezi: Why LatinX Hip Hop Matters

My poem “Last Street” was included in the art piece “Inscription” –  Shinpei Takeda, New American Museum

Poem Art Exhibit
Article:  “All in the UTEP Family”

UTEP Article on Family

Essay: “Black and Brown in Hip Hop: Tenuous Solidarity”

Me with Ice Cube - March 2016

From the Dallas Weekly: “Race and Sports: Being Latino on the Basketball and Tennis Courts”

EXLTUS Article on Improving your Fantasy Football League

From “20 Professors Reveal Exactly How to Pass Their Classes”

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The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.

Book created by 826 Dallas with Students from Trini Garza High School

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  1. Your page is super dope and your poems are thriller I cant believe your my instructor…No exaggeration when I say I need a few great mentors…thank you for everything you taught me this semester…PS your mama had three kids ill give you five….

    1. Thanks, Tranell. I just came across your message on my website. You should start to slowly build your own website. I suggest using, or

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