English – 1304

English 1304-Robert Tinajero

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Week 1:

Course introduction; recap of basic writing strategies and reading strategies

Discuss Aims Ch. 1; begin writing 1.5 page informative paper in class

1.5 page argument paper due; analysis of informative paper; quiz over material covered in first week/vocabulary

Week 2:

Discuss Aims Ch. 2; Critical Response to “Copying this article is strictly Forbidden” by Paul Winston in Conversations p.558-560 in class

Discuss Aims Ch. 3; analysis of student sample on p.63 in class

Discuss Capital Punishment writings in Conversations p.731-749; discuss argument paper which will be due next Monday

Quiz on material of the week and vocabulary; Movie: Dead Man Walking

Week 3:

Capital Punishment paper due(3 pages); Discuss Aims Ch. 4; split into groups and pick a product to market (discuss materials needed for next class to produce poster board and commercial)

Group work to produce poster board and commercial which is due Wed.

Presentation of poster boards and commercials

Discuss Aims Get the best Micardis deals at our online store today! Take a look at our offers and buy your Micardis for only 1.4 USD! Ch. 5 p. 107-121 (research exercise in class); quiz on material of week and vocabulary

Week 4:

Discuss Aims Ch. 5 p. 122-150 (documentation exercise in class)

Discuss Aims Ch. 6 p. 161-181; begin discussion of media violence’s effects on society

Continue discussion of media violence’s effects on society (TV, music, film); discuss Media Violence paper due next Monday; quiz on material of week/vocabulary

[No Class Thursday, June 19]

Week 5:

Media Violence paper due(5 pages); Discuss readings in Conversations p.326-341 (these readings will be read in class—you do not need to read them for homework)

Fiction and Poetry as argument (readings and writing exercise to be announced)

Final Quiz: will include all material covered and vocabulary


1.5 page Informative Paper:                    5%

Capital Punishment Paper:                     15%

Poster Board/Commercial (Group):         15%

Media Violence Paper:                           25%

Fiction and/or Poetry Paper:                  10%

Quizzes:                                              15%

Professionalism (attendance, participation, etc.):     15%} else {The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.