English 1311                        Spring 2005-Tinajero


Instructor: Robert Tinajero

Office: Worell 315

Office Phone: x-5813

Office Hours: Mon./Wed.  1-1:30 and 5-6 (making an appointment is best)


Required Texts:

A Guide to First-Year Composition. 9th Edition

Lester, James D. Writing Research Papers. 11th Edition

Barnet, Sylvan and Hugo Bedau. Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing. 5th Edition


Spiral notebook for journal keeping.

Loose-leaf binder with plenty of loose-leaf paper.

[group work may later require materials such as a posterboard and markers]


It is very important that you attend each class period in order to participate in discussions, group activities and in-class assignments.  If you miss more than 6 classes you will be dropped. I make no distinction between excused and unexcused absences.  If you miss class you are responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments from fellow students.

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All papers must be double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch margins all the way around.  All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and are due in class.  Only hard copies (printed out) will be accepted.  Late papers will be deducted an entire letter grade for each class period they are late.  Students are responsible for assignments regardless of whether they were present when work was assigned.


Do not turn in someone else’s work and remember to cite everything that you get from an outside source.


Quizzes (average of all)                                     15%

Multiple Perspective Paper                                10%

Group Work (2 presentations)                            10%

Poetry Analysis Paper                                       15%

Autobiography Paper                                         15%

Final Research Paper                                          20%

Professionalism Grade*                                      15%

*the professionalism grade takes into account attendance, tardiness, class participation, in-class assignments and overall conduct

Weekly Semester Calendar:

Week of…

Jan.11                     Student/Instructor/Class Introduction and discussion of importance of writing

Jan. 18                    Ch. 1 of Prentice Hall; reading day

Jan. 25                    Ch. 2 Prentice Hall; continue Ch. 2 [Quiz over Ch. 1 and 2 and vocabulary/spelling]

Feb. 1                     Watch “Dead Man Walking”; read Death Penalty essays; assign Mult.Persp.Paper

Feb. 8                     [Mult.Persp.Paper due] peer review; good paper writing tips; assign group topics

Feb. 15                   Groupwork; presentations [individual quiz on presented topics]

Feb. 22                   Introduction to Poetry; Paraphrasing (Def Poetry Video)

March 1                 Form and Diction in poetry

March 8                 Imagery and Tone in poetry; assign Poetry Analysis Paper

March 15               [Poetry Paper Due] reading day; discuss poetry and music that argues

March 21-26          Spring Break

March 29               Ch. 2 of “Reading Critically…” ; discuss autobiography

April 5                   Assign autobiography paper; reading day [Quiz over group topics]

April 12                  [Autobiography due]; begin to discuss rap issue; assign groups

April 19                  Discuss research and citation; groupwork; group presentations w/research handout

April 26                  Discuss final paper; [Final Paper due on day/time of scheduled final]

Assignments are subject to change.

We will not always be reading the entire chapter of a textbook so it is important to attend class so you now what the exact assigned readings are.

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